This project was developed during a very difficult time marked by illness. The act shows a body in crisis fractured from its sense of wholeness, unstable, questioning its limitations and nature, its betrayal through sickness, its changing shape and ability to heal.

The idea was basically to count the centimeters of skin that had been stretched due to a sudden weight gain caused by my body's reaction to the medicine.

I felt no longer in control of my body, of its senses and appearance, so this was an attempt to re-configurate myself in this alienated and fractured state. It was also a reflection on the clinical world we enter as a helpless, sick body, a world which has its own aesthetic rituals that give a sense of control and sterilization, represented here by the act of observing and measuring.

The scars which ran vertically across my stomach were the most visible, external sign of what was happening within, these lines marked the changes I was going through, a pattern of metamorphosis. Using a red paint to represent blood and the internal body, I painted my scars in an attempt to turn myself 'inside out' and rolled along a white wall. I then measured the total area made by the red paint. 

The result was 249 mm.