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Miguel A. Melgares is an artist, researcher and dramaturge operating in the international field of the performing arts.

Melgares collaborates as a dramaturge with several artists that use performance as a vehicle to challenge theatre. He has established a long-term collaboration with German artist Julian Hetzel, works with renowned Dutch performance artist Dries Verhoeven, and participated in the latest productions of Greek choreographer Tzeni Argyriou. Formally, their performances compose a radically diverse body of work, and each show redefines the parameters of what performance can be. Conceptually, they have something in common; their work challenges the audience by portraying a culture in constant transformation while questioning Western society's status quo. 

His dramaturgical experience has fed his academic ambitions. In 2019 he obtained PhD in Arts and Humanities from the University of Granada, with the dissertation The End of Performance Rhetorics, Hybrid space between Visual and Performing Arts (ES). Here, he analysed some of the artworks developed with these artists as study cases and defended a vision of performance characterised by a complex diversity of live art practices that transgresses disciplinary frames, especially the dichotomy that tried to separate the aesthetic from the politics. 

Melgares makes regular academic contributions, publishes articles in specialised journals, and coordinates research projects and publications. Some recent examples are the coordination of the academic journal SOBRE, Prácticas artísticas y políticas de la edición –with an issue dedicated to performance–, or the publication of his new book Performance. Actuación extraña en la que aplaudes sin entender. Since 2018, Melgares is tutor at DAS Theatre in the Amsterdam University of the Arts.

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