Portrait of a wet country. Chapter 1

‘Portrait of a wet country. Chapter I’ is an ongoing performative installation* which machinery works as a sophisticated mechanism of building words. The installation consists in a pool of approximately 20 square meters and 10 centimetres deep, filled up with fake milk (a liquid that simulate in colour, odour and density the milk). Inside a human scale mouse wheel is being activated by human force; with the rotation of the wheel, a hydraulic mechanism pumps up the liquid. A canalisation system directs the liquid into a transparent rubber tube, which is installed on the wall, writing Dutch words**. When the liquid passes the tube, the words are easily readable. After this, the milk goes back to the pool passing by a jar, presenting an eternal liquid circuit.

* The presentation at Kunstvlaai 2010, was nine days of performance and four hours each day.

** Each day a new word appeared: 1 oeverloos, 2 overleg, 3 bagger, 4 polder, 5 neerslag, 6 gemeenschap, 7 aanhouden, 8 beheersen, 9 overvloed