The drawing lesson (work in process)


M: So, did you find the perfect advice?
V: I’ve been thinking, but it is difficult to do it with out knowing what do you want to get from this lesson. So, if can ask you, when you talk about ‘looking’, what is your artistic approach?
M: Are you asking from a drawing lesson or from a performative point of view?
V: That’s a good answer by the way, but I meant it as a drawing lesson?
M: But Vera, are you asking now as a model, as Vera or as a visual artist?
V: I’m talking as a visual artist who has a lot experience in modelling. I have a privilege point of view. (Vera starts to move intentionally) Actually, when I’m here, I feel myself as a tool that the teachers use to teach ‘art’. I become a kind of object that the students need to look at... And I’m afraid that all is about this, about ways of looking. The most funny is that it is the same for the traditional art and for the contemporary art. A teacher, as you said before, cannot teach to be an artist to anyone, no way. The only thing that an art teacher can do is to show where and how to ‘look’.

With the collaboration of Vera Korman 
Pictures by Thomas Lenden© 
Produced by DasArts 
Amsterdam 2009