HAWAII. Escaping the Inevitable | Tchelet Weisstub

After coming back from a two-week vacation in an elderly-home. We created "Hawaii" = a three-stage site-specific experience. Since in the inevitable process of ageing our efficiency deteriorates, we created for “Hawaii“ hybrids of the old and the young. 

As a preposition to start/continue searching for alternative scales of value. Ones that are related more to life and death (what is really important?) rather than to social conditionings. These new values cannot be easily judged by linear criteria, rational understanding, productivity and speed, and are always redefined by the individual.

29: What is time?
95: Time is the most precious commodity in the world
because you can’t retrieve it and can’t stop it.
Time passes. What do you want me to talk about?
Natural time? Independent time? Oh, I forgot what I
had to say. You just woke me up. About time. There is
day, there is night: that is fixed. All we can do is utilize
the time that we have.
29: What is well-utilized time?
95: When you do something and you forget about the
time passing.

A project by Tchelet Weisstub

On stage; Maja Engelsman performing Tchelet future and Jan Reints performing Gertjan Franciscus future. 

Partner in crime, Advisor & stage design: Miguel Angel Melgares
Partner in crime & spiritual guide: Gertjan Franciscus
Advisor, Pachamama: Siegmar Zacharias
Music Composer: Yamila Ríos
Machines & more: Stan Wannet
Machines advice: Itamar Mendes Flohr
Field production: Lisa Reinheimer
Stage construction: Cedric Daoud
Organ playing and Arrangement: Yuval Reuben
Technical advice: Rein Hartog

DasArts Master Proof
23 & 24 June 2014

Location: Dokzaal, Plantage Doklaan 8, Amsterdam, NL