Gevoelige Oppervlakte | Elina Cerpa

Photographers in a theatrical setting are showing pictures and telling about pictures they have taken. About motives they had for taking a picture and about what they felt when they were taking them. What is the attitude towards the picture now?

'However sometimes you take a photo and simply you don’t know the true reasons why you chose to take a photo of broken glass, for example. I would like to understand what makes us to deci to photograph empty streets. What is behind that?' (Elīna Cērpa)

The photographs together with the stories that are woven around them will form a rich tapestry of life. That moment when you push the button and the shutter says, “click”, something freezes inside you, just as the moment, which you are picturing, is being frozen. Only a story can set it free.

Direction: Elīna Cērpa
Design and Stage: Miguel Angel Melgares
Dramaturgy: Gerard Kooistra
Production: Marri ten Harkel