RRRRR | Sonja Jokiniemi

RRRRR is looking into a place where one loses meaning and where the world becomes a solitary disconnected experience within a mesh of over stimulus and disembodied language. Fragmentation and derailment work as choreographic starting points . She looks into contemporary technology, construction of fantasies, derailed language practices and obsessive relations to things, beings and ghosts. Her attempt is to create a contradictory and confused patchwork of overlaps, narrations and truths.

Direction, performance, text: Sonja Jokiniemi
Set designer and dramaturge: Miguel Angel Melgares
Sound designer: Natalia Dominguez Rangel
Light designer: Jenni Pystynen
Producer: Riikka Thitz
Co-production: Dampfzentrale Bern and Kiasma Theatre
Residency support: STUK Kunstencentrum, Arc Artist Residency, Arsenic Theatre and Les Urbaines

With support of: Alfred Kordelin Foundation, Kone Foundation, Arts Promotion Centre Finland