Diarrhea is my favorite color

Theater Artemis and Studio Julian Hetzel present: a talent show for misfits. 
Who is the best at failing? The candidates show us what they’ve got.

This performance searches for beauty within the ugly. Yet, what is tasteless for one, can be beautiful for the other. Together with the audience, we try to find out what the word ‘success’ actually means. Who decides what is cool or good-looking? Who knows if something is a piece of Art or simply garbage? Can we look at things from a different angle? Do we care too much about what other people think?

Diarrhea is My Favorite Color combines explosive theatre with puppeteering, sculpture, action painting and music. This is the first time that Studio Julian Hetzel creates a work for a younger audience as part of their long-term artistic research on the paradox of creation through destruction.

Oh shit, this smells like art!

Director: Julian Hetzel
Performers: Tim van Dongen, Louis van der Waal, Willemijn Zevenhuijzen
Dramaturg: Miguel A. Melgares
Decor: Eva Koopmans
Costumes: Liesbet Swings
Artistic advisor: Jetse Batelaan
Directors assistant: Esmée Begemann
Technical coordination: Aengus Havinga
Light: Vincent Beune
Music: Frank Wienk
Sound: Tom Doeven, Misha MacLaren
Technical: Marq Claessens
Technical production: Klaas Tops
Production coordinator: Marieke van den Bosch
Intern: Alžběta Nováková

With the support of: Performing Arts Fund (NL) City of Utrecht (NL) Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science City of ’s-Hertogenbosch Province of North Brabant

Coproduction: Theater Artemis and Studio Julian Hetzel

"Those who love anarchy are lucky"
- De Volkskrant, Vincent Kouters ★★★★ 

"[The children] will probably carry this theater experience with them for the rest of their lives."
- Shira Keller in NRC Handelsblad ★★★★ 

"Diarrhea is my Favorite Color has a serious smell – that of subversiveness."
- Evelyne Coussens in De Morgen 

"Diarrhea is my Favorite Color is a hilarious ode to not following rules"
- Lorianne van Gelder in Het Parool 

"On a Sunday afternoon in Den Bosch, Artemis and Hetzel actually restored the honour of anarchy and rebellion"
- Theaterkrant, Fransien van der Putt (critic's choice) 

"Structured like a crazy audition, it's hard to lean back in your theater seat in this performance for young and old."
- Marina Kaptijn in PZAZZ 

"A raised middle finger to the pressure to perform and conform"
- Sam Simons in et-cetera 

"‘Diarrhea is my Favorite Color': a shit piece you have to see"
- Floris Baeke in De Standaard ★★★★ 

"Theater for children and adults: 'Diarrhea is My Favorite Color' makes both laugh"
- Simone Vos in Brabants Dagblad